About socialdeviant


  1. Help brands create value in a socially connected world, by moving from an advertiser to a content-driven brand publisher.
  2. Create the most kind and composed, left/right brained, flat and fast culture possible.



Brands are stories. Stories are content.

In a world in which content is collaboratively created, dynamically served, and consumed in non-linear fashion, we make sure brands tell their stories so that people want to hear them.

We’re all about creating audience-segmented, brand-right, highly relevant content strategies that engage audiences and above all, get them to do something.

We start by segmenting audiences online – to identify the greatest sources of revenue and profit.  We then identify segment needs, barriers and wants, uncovering human truths which enable us to develop the insights that drive our ideas.

From there, we develop a content approach: map themes, topics, formats, frequency/volume. This allows us to create editorial calendars mapped to audience needs/interests, driving our creative ideas and content creation.



We orient our capabilities around the business challenges that keep our clients up at night:

  1. Audience Development: Growing our clients’ audiences
  2. Audience Engagement: Developing amazing creative strategies that engage, activate and connect audiences to the brand
  3. Content Strategy and Mix Model: Defining the right mix of content (units, themes, format) to drive engagement
  4. Audience Activation: Determining where, when, and how to engage audiences with the right content to create an action
  5. Measurement: Continually measuring and monitoring and optimizing for maximum impact


Ideas. We are all about developing ideas, lots of them, as quickly as possible.
Listening intently. Two ears, one mouth.
Becoming one team with our clients. Redefining collaboration as complete alignment.
Operating with purpose. Everything we do is intentional, focused, outcome-oriented.
Redefining social media: Develop, engage, activate audiences to create value for marketers.



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