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Musings from CES 

This year, I was lucky enough to be invited to speak at a Monday session @CES2015. Given that the conference didn’t really start until Tuesday, naturally I was a little worried about how many folks would attend a panel about ROI in Social Media and Advertising.

It turns out…lots. Over 100 and it was a blast.

From there, I did what most folks do attending CES : take a bunch of meetings that have nothing to do with the show itself. And as I overheard time and time again, every one of these meetings starts the same way: “Great to see you. Are you going to spend any time on the ‘floor’ this year? No? Me neither….”

Sadly, I didn’t get to hit the floor, but it wasn’t for lack of interest. I had to fly back Tuesday mid-day to kick off our latest client relationship.

Thankfully, SOCIALDEVIANT’s president and resident tech guru, Linda Johnson, stuck around and most definitely hit the floor.

Herewith, her very smart thoughts about she saw. I hope you enjoy our highly curated, bucketed, and somewhat fun list of the cool things worth noting @CES2015.

Any and all comments, welcomed as ever.



CES through the eyes of SOCIALDEVIANT President, Linda Johnson LindaJohnson_President_SOCIALDEVIANT



  • Drones were obviously all the rage, but the most interesting was via a partnership between Qualcomm and Vijay Kumar (an amazing roboticist who I had the pleasure of first meeting in Mumbai at TEDx a couple months ago). They have developed a drone program that can determine the most relevant path to an end destination based on real-time 3D mapping via a smartphone attachment. Amazing.



Amongst the sea of smart watches and activity trackers, there were two that stood out to me:

  • Swarovski (yes…. Swarovski) partnered with Misfit to create a solar, changeable and fashionable activity tracker. The tracker itself looks like a crystal and can be placed into bracelets, wristbands, pendants, and other necklaces, positioning itself to break into a new market. Smart.
  • Muse focuses on mental fitness vs. physical fitness. It’s a trekky-like headband builds your focus, attention, and helps you better handle stress. It goes like this: put the headband on for 3 minutes a day and it challenges you to go through mental activities and detects if your thoughts wander and course corrects.

3D Printing

It. Was. Everywhere.

The highlight was Makerbot for two reasons:

  • They have a training program for schools and organizations on how to use 3D printers effectively (not just from a technical standpoint.
  • They created a line specifically for Martha Stewart, including new colors and objects. You can purchase the files for only a few dollars and then print your Martha Stewart collection.

Payment / Personal Finance

Biometric scanning is all the rage for personal finance and security in everything from wallets to passport cases

  • iWallet is a hard-covered wallet with biometric fingerprint access. It sounds an alarm if it’s more than 5 meters from your cell phone. Simply stores all of your cards in a protected way.
  • Wocket is also biometrically coded, but is a different take on secure personal finances. It has one “wocket” card to rule them all, coded to each of your credit cards. You voice activate the wallet and then select which card you would like to use via the digital screen. It then disperses the wocket card with the appropriate setting.
  • Beyond biometric scanning, Looppay is a small device that uses magnetic strips to bypass the slow adoption of NFC credit card payments in stores. It stores all of your credit cards and is built into your cell phone case so you can simply tap on any credit card processor to pay.

Content Capture

  • GoPro made its typical showing, highlighting its new hero 4 black and silver editions and walking through editing tips and tricks. I registered to win a GoPro, but alas, my luck at craps was better than my luck with GoPro.
  • Panasonic A500 has an exclusive partnership with the Spartan Race, highlighting its versatility in photo / video capture in the roughest of terrains with 4K resolution.
  • Giroptic is a 360 video camera that can capture experiences at any angle. Can share in real time over wifi as well.
  • Narrative Clip2 touts itself as the world’s most wearable camera. Weighing less than an ounce, it can clip anywhere and last for over 2 days to take stills on the go.

Content Innovation

  • While many content platforms exhibited at CES, ooVoo, the independent video chat app, naturally stole the show, demoing its use of Intelligent video, recognizing emotions, turning them into games like “Flinch”, and others to create more predictive social experiences
  • also debuted its animation software, using 3D scanning to replicate a person’s movements into a real-time animation. The gameplay can then be shared via Twitch.TV.


Other Noteworthy Things

  • Panasonic presented on-premise smart spot lighting for restaurants and bars that detect certain glasses, bottles, etc. and display supplementary information on the table / bar.

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