From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Zen_of_Ten: New Year’s Edition

Rome wasn’t built in a day (or so the saying goes).

And neither are years built in months, or weeks, or even days.

They are built in moments, moment by moment….and so, as I say farewell to 2014 and hello to 2015, I wanted to take a moment to reflect, to take stock, and to commit.


3 Reflections:
1. In 2014, I learned the value of imperfection. As the great motivator to pursue better, and as a teacher to guide the way.

2. In 2014, I learned that you can (and must) make new friends, at any age.

3. In 2014, I learned that you should never, ever get too far ahead of yourself. Or more importantly, those around you. If it wasn’t understood, then it wasn’t communicated well. That onus is entirely on me.


3 Things In Which I Take Stock:
4. My family, which must never be taken for granted, and which must be nurtured and cared for with relentless energy and unconditional love.

5. My colleagues @socialdeviant, and my clients, which fuel the pursuit of kindness by creating a human platform for daily acts of intentional goodness.

6. My health, which is a precious gift that can never be overlooked…without which, the pursuit of all things in life are impossible.


4 Commitments for 2015:
7. Passion. I commit to bringing my full measure of passion to all I pursue.

8. Purpose. I commit to operating with purpose – being focused, being intentional, being specific.

9. Persistence. I commit to the relentless rigor it takes to build something from scratch. To remove obstacles and to bulldoze impediments at every turn, with grace and humility but with unrivaled grit.

10. Patience. I commit to being infinitely patient. With my friends. With my colleagues. With my family. With the guy who reclines his seat on the plane to LA in front of me. With all of it. I will practice patience not just daily, but in every moment. It will become my greatest virtue, as I strive to perfect the fine art of being patiently urgent.


I loved 2014. Thank you for all that you brought. I will remember you, fondly, forever.

And thank you, 2015, for giving me yet another chance to be my very best self. 

Happy Happy New Year to you and yours – may it bring you infinite joy, silliness, health, and connection to the things that matter the most.


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