From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

#ZenofTen: Birthday Edition

So, last week was my 53rd birthday. Saturday 6 December, to be exact.

It was amazing. Thank you, all, very very much for the cards, gifts, notes, messages, and social media pings.

And here’s what I learned….

1. You get what you give.

2. Being generous means receiving generously. You can’t be a good giver if you aren’t a gracious receiver.

3. Birthdays are the best reminder of the lives one has touched all year long.

4. Surprises are just that. Meant to surprise. Don’t try to uncover them before they’re meant to be uncovered.

5. Gifts from the heart, especially those handmade, are almost always more touching.

6. No gift is a bad gift. Ever.

7. Analog still matters. There’s nothing quite like getting a handwritten note or card from someone, wishing you a happy birthday.

8. No matter what kind of diet you may be on, you must eat the cake made for you. And make it a proper slice.

9. How you feel when someone wishes you a happy birthday, should be a feeling you remember all year long. And then do your best to make others feel that way, every single day of the year.

10. And finally, the best birthdays are those where people wish you a happy birthday from all corridors of your life. Work. Former classmates. Family. Friends. Book clubs. More. Make every effort to maintain as many cohesive relationships as you can…all year. It makes all the difference.


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