From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Social Media, 3.0

We started SOCIALDEVIANT on a simple premise. That social media would become an indispensable tool in a marketer’s toolkit.

That social media would move beyond mere instances of ad campaigns, repurposing content created for TV.

For us, social media is a lot of things:

1. Content. Brands are stories, and stories are content – and great social media is all about the right content created and shared in a way that’s suited to each social platform.

2. Storytelling. Brands nowadays have such a huge opportunity to tell their stories…and use digital media to tell those stories in a way that’s highly relevant and highly engaging to their audiences.

3. Data Driven. The more data driven we are, the more highly targeted, addressable, and impactful our stories can be. We use data all the time, to inform and shape and optimize our creative ideas and content choices.

4. Hyper-Segmented, Hyper-Targeted. Speaking of targeted, great social media is super targeted and very specific to each audience. Brands have a lot of stories to tell, and each story is unique for each unique audience.

5. Platform and Content Type Right. Great stories must have the right narrative containers. We have created a content taxonomy including 23 content types, enabling us to recommend and create exactly the right containers for each story, told in the right context and platform (FB vs. Twitter vs. Instagram vs. Snapchat vs. Pinterest, etc)

6. Constantly Optimized. Great social media is constantly in flux, an alchemists’ combination of small and big ideas, of daily and campaignable content. But above all, it’s an ongoing effort to optimize – to test and to iterate to ensure maximum impact, for both consumers and the brands that serve them.

7. Explosively Creative. There is an explosion of creativity across all social spaces, as technology and content types and platforms evolve at a rapid pace. Some of the world’s greatest creative ideas live here.

Well, 2 ½ short years later, I think we’re on to something.

And we’re doing our part to show that social media, done well, is without doubt an indispensable tool in every marketer’s toolkit.


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