From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Moderation in All Things. Sounds Orwellian.

Act like you’ve been there before. I’ve said it many times, watching crazy touchdown or homerun or 3 pointer celebrations.

Keep your composure. Avoid the highs and the lows, and just keep on chugging. That way, you avoid the wild mood swings that come with big wins or tragic losses.

In the agency business, we win or we lose, often. Scores are kept. Records are reviewed.

And I’ve tried, as we grow SOCIALDEVIANT, to espouse the mantra, “no highs and no lows. Let’s not get too excited about a big win, and neither let’s not get too down when things go awry. Let’s keep our heads down, keep focused, just keep chugging.”

Um…ugh. How crappy does that sound?

So, I’m recanting. Forget what I said.

Here’s the deal. We are all human. We have to release tension, good or bad. We have to express ourselves, sometimes without inhibition or restraint. We have to let unbridled jubilation ring throughout the office. Sometimes, even when it’s not warranted.

At the same time, we have to allow ourselves to pound the table in frustration when things crater. Yell, even. “DAMMIT that just sucked” should be heard more often, I think. It’s just honest. And it’s healthy.

Moderation sucks. Life is meant to be inhaled in big huge gulps.

Lean into the highs and the lows. They are the stuff that makes our lives meaningful. They provide texture, they provide dimension, they provide inspiration.

We are not automatons. We are not, last time I checked, robotic. Feelings tempered are feelings not expressed. And pent up feelings are a very bad thing. They cause ulcers, and more often than not, they create schisms among team and across work groups. Sharing is, after all, caring.

Now, of course, we are a company full of composure. Indeed. We don’t lose our junk every single time some little thing goes the wrong way. That’s not what I mean. I highly value composure, as I think it’s right next to cleanliness on the cobblestone path to godliness.

I’m not talking about being composed. We’re composed, and then some. And I’m not saying we shouldn’t act like we’ve been there before. If we have been there (wherever there is) then by golly, let’s act like it.

What I am talking about is, time and place, just letting it rip. After all, why sip from the teacup when we can drink from the river?


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