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Even Kinder, Today

Today is a very special day in the halls around socialdeviant (ok, so we don’t have that many halls…actually, none really. But I digress).

Every single day, we aim to be the World’s Kindest Company (no TM needed…we’d love for every company in the Universe to share that ambition. There are only winners in that pursuit).

But today, we’ll aim to be just that much kinder. Because today…well, today is World Kindness Day

Kindness is broadly misunderstood. It’s often viewed as being benign – the absence of malice. But that’s sorely under-valuing the power of kindness.

True kindness is intentional. It’s purposeful. And it guides behavior, in almost every moment.

So on this special day, I’d like to share a bit about how we have translated kindness into an operating model for our company – a few behaviors that perhaps, at least today, you might try in your company too:

1. Say Please And Thank You. A lot. You can never say these two words enough, and they are two of the kindest words in our English language.

2. Shine the Spotlight on a Co-Worker. One of the kindest things one can do is give credit where credit is due, in full view of others. Acknowledge someone’s efforts, publicly.

3. Listen. Two ears, one mouth. One of the greatest gifts you can give a colleague is the gift of listening. Of really paying attention to what’s being said. You’ll be amazed the impact this has.

4. Show Up On Time. Being kind means being really aware of the rights (and feelings) of others. Showing up to a meeting on time is a simple act of courtesy that goes an incredibly long way.

5. Offer to Help. Without being asked, offer to help a co-worker on a project. Chip in, lend a hand, or just provide support in whatever way you can. Unsolicited offers of help are just so so kind.

6. Disagree. One of the least kind things you can do is keep your opinion to yourself. You may think this is being kind, but actually, it’s the opposite. Being kind means being transparent, sharing your pov, and making sure those around you know what’s on your mind. Do it calmly, and do it politely, but please – cards on the table, always.

7. Keep the Dog Away from Your Homework. Being kind means being accountable. Be entirely reliable and show up, especially today, with the deliverables you promised.

8. And of course…always rewind (love Jack Black). But seriously, the point here is simple – be kind to the person who follows you. In a meeting room, with a client, in the kitchen area, and more.

For sure, these simple behaviors in and around the office are, together, unbelievable acts of kindness.
So today, let’s all practice kindness at work.

(Do share your ideas and stories, below. ‪#‎deviantkindess‬ ‪#‎socialdeviant‬)



2 Responses to “Even Kinder, Today”

  1. John M. Landsberg

    Wonderful, Marc. All that was said here is marvelous. Thoughtful, insightful, true, and resplendent with the power of simplicity. I want to add something: After “thank you,” how often do we hear “you’re welcome” these days? Listen carefully. People respond with “no problem,” “forget it,” “no worries.” Oh, really? I wholeheartedly agree with “please” and “thank you.” And let’s learn to say “you’re welcome” again.


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