From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Once is Enough

Every once in awhile, we have a truly memorable experience.

A weekend getaway. A dinner with a friend. A watched sunset with just the right glass of wine. A business meeting. A pitch.

A happenstance after party, with just the right people still hanging around, creating just the right vibe.

It’s impossible to create these occasions with forethought, but when these moments or occasions are happening, we can feel it.

There’s an alchemy to these moments.

We can’t describe it, but we know it when we see it.

So, here’s the deal.

I think these moments should be kept just that. As moments to reflect on. To recall fondly. To look back with a smile and a knowing glance, perhaps, at others lucky enough to have shared that experience.

Too often, we try to catch lightning in a bottle, the second time. This is a temptation that should be resisted with all your might.

In business, especially, avoid the temptation to plan year over year. To benchmark the prior year, and to set your goals based on prior performance.

Baselines are a necessary part of business, and yes, life.

We have to compare to something, after all.

But try not to do it. Try to let every year, or every experience, be its own year. Its own thing.

Established in its own right, with its successes and failures and high fives and tears and grit and sweat and passion and late nights.

In business, don’t try to replicate a great year. Just memorialize it, put it on the mantle, and thank the lucky stars that it happened. Full stop.

If you give yourself full permission to simply give something a try, and avoid any comparisons, you’d be amazed where those experiences might lead you.

And without the expectation of trying to “top” the prior year, or the prior experience, you’ll be amazed at how delighted you’ll be with the successes that will come your way, in that moment, in that quarter, in that year. In their own right.

In our personal lives. And in our business lives….avoid the temptation to catch lightning in a bottle, the second time.

Just be thankful you saw the sparks fly even once, and be wide open to what may come next.


2 Responses to “Once is Enough”

  1. Ryon Harms (@RyonHarms)

    I agree. Trying to recreate the past is like driving while looking in the rear view mirror. It’s the great lesson from The Great Gatsby, about a man who lost himself trying to get back the love he once had.

    The present is indeed a gift.

    Hope all is well my friend!


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