From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

What It Means to be Deviant

Last week was one for the ages. From hosting an amazingly successful CIW Lab to great traction with clients to speaking @DePauw to the creation of our first video book of the osmness of what’s happening within our walls to getting a nod from a potential new client to work together in 2015…what a week it was.

But right now, a few musings from 35,000 feet about what it means to be deviant:

1. We Turn Thoughts into Things. last week’s Lab was all the evidence you need. From thin air, we’re creating the kindness company in the world, and that kind company is all about making things. All about making content, making creative outputs, making our clients’ business grow.

2. We Listen. two ears, one mouth. One of the great hallmarks of a kind company, is that we listen. To each other. To outside partners. To our clients. To ourselves. We listen because we’re not just polite – we listen because we want to learn, and we listen because we want to be better every single day.

3. We Lean Into Our Strengths. we do our best to identify what each of us is really good at, and do our level best to allow each person to really lean into that. Our majors and minors approach is a great structure to ensure we allow ourselves to play to our strengths whilst developing new ones all the time.

4. We Care. I’ve noticed that we really care about doing a great job. That we really care about SOCIALDEVIANT being the kind of company we all want it to be. And about being better every day – there is no best, after all.

5. A Deviant Kind of Place…. no additional words necessary:

I’m so proud of what SOCIALDEVIANT is, and so proud of what it’s becoming. Amidst all of our effort, momentum, progress and passion, do please remember this.

Take in every moment. We will never get ahead of ourselves, and the glory of a start-up are the day in and day out moments that make up who we are and why we’re here:



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