From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

The Best Way to Have a Great Idea, is to Have A Lot of Ideas

I think it was Jonas Salk who said that.

And he’s exactly right.

Too often, we stagnate trying to develop the perfect idea. We fret and we navel gaze and we stall and we pace…in the service of coming up with the perfect idea.

Today, marketing has moved on from the Big Creative Idea. It is instead about many ideas, centered around a common brand purpose. And in today’s world – driven by the democratization of content and fueled by the Maker revolution – it’s absolutely essential to develop more ideas.



The opportunity today is not simply to conceive of the idea – but to execute the idea, to distribute the idea, and to allow consumers to engage and interact with the idea. Only through this primary interaction between a brand’s content and its key audiences, can we determine the quality/relevance/efficacy of an idea.

We can’t know at the front end if an idea is great. But we can conceive and develop many ideas, and determine through direct feedback from consumers which ideas are truly great.

Indeed, we can no longer call ourselves the sole arbiters of what makes quality content. It’s time to put more faith in the audiences for whom this content is intended.

So, let them be the judge, and let us give them more opportunities to do the judging. After all, the best way to have a great idea, is to have a lot of ideas.


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