From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Building a Compelling Content Strategy

On November 16-19, we’ll be teaching a social media course, along with Kellogg faculty, for Kellogg’s Executive Education Program:

The program is 3 days and is all about leveraging social media as a marketing weapon.

Among the topics we’ll cover is one at the core of SOCIALDEVIANT: how to develop and implement a robust content strategy designed to engage and activate a brand’s priority audiences.

SOCIALDEVIANT was founded on the basic premise that brands are stories, and stories are content.


We believe that social media is all about content – and that the next generation of creativity is driven by the democratization of content. Brands are built as much bottom up as top down, and the ability to engage audiences with the right stories in the moments in which those stories are most relevant, is the ultimate key to success.

To create the right levels of engagement, smart content strategies follow this simple formula:

1. Define the business goal – what does success look like?

2. Define the audience – whom are we targeting, and why? This includes developing a social segmentation to ensure addressability.
2a. Determine the actions we want the audience to take – what is their current behavior and what is their desired behavior,                 based on our business goals?

3. Define the narrative – what stories do we want to tell based on the behavioral objective we seek?

4. Determine the content types and platforms – based on the above, we then determine the right content types to best deliver the stories we want to tell, as well as the social media platforms most amenable to the levels of engagement we seek.

5. Create the Ideas – what are we trying to say, and why does it matter?

6. Create the content – including the creative story arc, themes and ideas. In a dynamic world in which so much content is being produced everyday, success is defined by efficient ways to generate high volume, high impact content.

7. Measure and optimize the content – so that we’re sure to engage audiences in a way that drives business and marketing metrics.

During the social media course, we’ll analyze these steps in great detail, including an in depth case study to bring each facet to life.

No doubt, content strategy – and the effective execution of a great content strategy – is the driver of success in social media.


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