From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Home is Where the Drone Is

When you’re in a startup, you tend to spend a lot of time together. Late nights, meetings, the occasional nap, beers around the bar counter, Thai delivery, and more meetings.

When you spend that much time together, across that many occasions, you tend to get to know one another pretty darn well.

And soon, it begins to feel less like a company and more like a family.

Wait, check that.

Most families I know squabble, hold grudges, compete with one another ruthlessly, and park their courtesy at the curb before they walk in for the traditional Thanksgiving feast.

At SOCIALDEVIANT, it feels a bit more akin to extended family. You all remember how much more fun it was to play with your cousin than with your sibling. Cousins are cooler. You don’t live with them. And they come from someplace else. But the coolest part – you share a common heritage. There’s a real connection there, but also the ability to remain polite, arm’s length when necessary, and have a boatload of fun together.

Yeah…SOCIALDEVIANT is like that. Like a house full of cousins. A houseful of cousins, building a common heritage, together.

Like any house, we have some couches. Couches that came from my living room. Couches that folks work on, nap on, meet on. Creatively enough, we call that space “couchville.”

Like any house, we sometimes make a mess, ask others to hush (when we’re on a client call), and never remake the pot of coffee when we drink the last cup.

And to record the moments that make up this common heritage, we’re collecting #StartupMoments. Like a family photo album, we are recording and compiling our earliest memories, so as we move from infant to toddler, we can look back fondly.

Below, a few of my favorite StartupMoments, all about the home we call SOCIALDEVIANT:

“I don’t know that it’s a moment, but my favorite part was watching the company grow…you get to experience the growth and watch things change. There’s a dynamic atmosphere as we gain new clients and new deviants. We blow out walls. We reconfigure the office. We re-decorate and make the office a home. We bring in new additions to the family, be it new people, new dogs or new babies. We add GoPros and drones. The little things are big things everyone notices. Those are the things I always looked forward to.”

“Painting walls with Ideapaint with Dave an Jeanette after our Milwaukee offsite trip. It lasted about a month before we had to tear the wall down to expand.”

For sure, a home is less about the walls, the fixtures, the furniture and the artwork, and instead, all about the people.

Walls will come and go, but SOCIALDEVIANT’s ambition to be the world’s kindest company, and to create an environment in which that ambition can be pursued, will be the bedrock foundation of any new home we may build.


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