From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

The Maker Movement is on Fire

During Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) week of 13 October, socialdeviant is hosting a makers forum entitled “Turning Thoughts into Things.”

We’ll talk about how we took an idea – being the world’s kindest company – and turned it into an operating model for the company.

We’ll also talk a lot about making stuff – all kinds of assets and creativity using a variety of tools, techniques, and elbow grease.

We love making stuff. In fact, we were originally incorporated under the name “Thoughts and Things.” socialdeviant was founded on the basic premise – if you conceive it, you’d better be able to make it.

We also hold a few fundamental principles near and dear:

1. Strategy = Execution. Today, strategic thinking is only as good as its ability to be translated into practice

2. Make it So. For sure, we think about things, hard. But at some point, we have to execute. We have to create. We have to make. No consumer ever felt in love with or engaged with a brand because it could relate to the thinking on its white boards back at HQ

3. Implement for Impact. We move to execute quickly, and always do so around client business and marketing objectives. Measurable impact is the name of the game

Apropos this, I loved the following article praising the MAKER movement, as its spreading though every nook and cranny of corporate, and non-corporate (thankfully) America:!bJUBUt

@socialdeviant, we obsess about turning thoughts into things. About translating our vision and our ideas into day in and day out reality that makes a difference.

No doubt, the maker movement is on fire right now. Join in. There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing your idea made into something.


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