From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Brilliant or Not, We Pay Attention

So, I’ve been thinking.

One of the characteristics that makes us such a kind place, is that we take the time to listen.

No matter who is talking.

We listen, and we support.

We never criticize.

We listen, and we encourage. We listen, and we riff. We listen, and we learn.

We listen, attentively. We listen, and we offer thanks to the speaker for their effort and great thinking.

At our latest Deviant University, I watched everyone in rapt attention as one of our amazing interns wrapped up her Deviant U on neuromarketing.

I listened to the positive comments, to the notes of encouragement, to the pleas to skip college and just stay @socialdeviant.

An 18 year high school grad, and every single deviant giving her their undivided attention.

No laptops. No texting. No “I’m too busy to show up.” In fact, the opposite. Of course, she is brilliant, and of course, her talk was amazing. But that’s beside the point.

Brilliant or not, we pay attention. We support. We lean in. We allow those around us to express themselves, to pursue their passions, and most important, to share them without fear of reprisal, criticism, or worse.

Deviant U has done a lot of things for socialdeviant, but there’s one thing it’s done for me, for sure.

It’s proven to me that we are already the kindest company in the world. Full stop, no doubt about it.


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