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Musings From This Week

I always love weeks that end a month. There’s a certain finality to them – a closure, of sorts, on the prior 30 (or 31, or ok leap year February, 28) days of activity.

And this last week, well, it was a doozy.

From new business meetings (2 pitches!) to hiring two new deviants to 4 client calls to speaking at a creative conference (Creative Spaces: Ethos 3.0) to saying farewell to one of our interns (and one of our freelancers) to a session on neuromarketing to cocktails with the team, and everything in between, it was indeed a doozy.

Marc Landsberg as a panelist for Chicago Creative Space Ethos 3.0

Marc Landsberg as a panelist for Chicago Creative Space Ethos 3.0

But through it all, here’s a few lessons I was reminded of this week:

There is no easy path. Stay the course, as the bumpy road often leads you to the promised land. And even if it doesn’t, what you’ll learn in the process is invaluable.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. There is no replacement for total transparency and complete clarity, all the time. It’s amazing how powerful removing ambiguity can be.

Fish grow the size of the tank. At the creative spaces conference, I talked about how a start-up must remain ambitious, and how we can’t define ourselves by the size of our space. Never be too settled. We don’t describe ourselves as a 25 person agency (though, factually, we are). We are, instead, striving to be the world’s kindest company. An ambition unconstrained by numbers – square feet, people, or otherwise.

Connect outside the lines of work. Work, and deliverables, are a 24/7 reality of our lives. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. But from time to time, you have to take the time to take a break, together. Because, thankfully, we do enjoy each other’s company. A walk. An outing at a local bar. Lunch. This week, we had two occasions to raise a glass outside of the office, as well as our ritual First Friday of Every Month Breakfast. All together. The laughing, the bonding, the stories are some of the best moments @socialdeviant.

You have to show up. When you show up, good things happen. Said differently, it’s almost impossible for goodness to happen if you don’t show up. This week, I went to Minneapolis and had several in person meetings, which likely could have been conducted via phone. But by showing up, the meeting became a 2.5 hour session over a few beers – supremely productive, leading to a range of possibilities. A few months ago, I flew overnight just to show up at a potential client’s all day brand planning session. Then took the redeye home. That potential client is now a client – mostly because we took the time to be there.

And so, as we roll into August, I’m thankful to the month of July for making sure to sign off on such a high note, and reminding myself that week by week, there’s a lot to learn if only we take the time to pay attention.


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