From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

FOMO, 2.0. Fear of Missing Opportunity

It’s true that we all have some form of FOMO, as previously defined.

We worry that somewhere, somehow, something is happening in the twitter/blog/fb/insta-sphere that we’re not aware of.

Fundamental Human Truth #23 – we hate being out of the loop.

Fundamental Human Truth #23 corollary – we hate not knowing something others know.

So we chase, and we listen, and we troll, and we stalk, and we share. All in the service of not being left out.

But today, I think there is a new kind of FOMO. Not born of fear, or anxiety, over a crushing need to be part of a shared conversation that is, 9 times out of 10, meaningless.

The new FOMO is something I’m calling FEAR OF MISSING OPPORTUNITY.

It’s born of optimism. It’s born from the simple premise that life’s too short not to take advantage of every moment.

It’s born of a passion to recklessly pursue the things about which you’re most passionate.

It’s about not leaving anything on the table. It’s about being fearless – fearless enough to chase the opportunities that really matter to you.

Yes, there’s a new FOMO emerging.

It’s not about being afraid of missing a silly cat video, or a trending Bieber topic, or the opening of a new club.

It is, instead, a simple fear of not making the most of your life. Of not chasing the most meaningful opportunities that are available to you.

And that fear, is a fear worth having.


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