From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

What a Difference a Few World Cups Make

Back in the day, advertisers in the US were desperate to take advantage of the world’s super bowl, otherwise known as the World Cup. But most advertising had to persuade Americans that the World Cup, and soccer more broadly, was worth paying attention to.

It was primary demand stimulation at its finest:

But today, everything has changed.

For starters, soccer is the most popular youth sport in America.

Next, as we all know, the US is a very multi-cultural nation, full not only of Americans with a vast spectrum of heritages, but equally full of ex-pats, temp work visa holders, and more.

Just turn on Telemundo, or Galavision, and you’ll see the influence of the Hispanic-American population on advertising (and note to self – I will forevermore watch the World Cup only on Telemundo. Far more exciting to hear the original and authentic GOOOOOLLLLLLL call).

Folks in America don’t need convincing anymore. Digital and social media content is everywhere, engaging and inspiring and encouraging fans everywhere to participate – enter a contest, rate players, play the game virtually.

Nike continues its brilliance by capturing our attention and passion with an entirely parallel soccer universe, without spending one dollar on World Cup sponsorship.

Indeed, the US is captivated. Enthralled. We can’t get enough. The best marketing in the world taps into a passion, and from this World Cup forward, the innovation and inventiveness of brand marketing around the World Cup will explode. Indeed, the marketing world as we know – and our interest in the World Cup – has changed forever. For the better.


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