From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Recap of the Week: Half Way through 2014

It’s been quite a year so far. Lots of pitches. A roster of amazing clients. An office full of supremely talented, limitlessly kind, left and right brained deviants. Tons of travel. Our first non-U.S. client (Crystal Palace Football Club of the English Premiership League. How fun is that?). Lots of speaking engagements, from Contagious’ Now/Next/Why in London to TechWeek Chicago just last week (#techweekCHI).

The TechWeek session was really fun – focusing on the role Human-Centered Design plays in social media marketing. At socialdeviant, it’s all about creating engaging, relevant, and measurable interactions between brands and their key audiences – and driving mutually beneficial outcomes at every opportunity. I took the opportunity to discuss how human-centered design helps drive content strategy, with these takeaways:

1. Move from purchase funnels to needs based segmentation. The more we understand what our consumers want, the better able we’re to provide meaningful content experiences that create real value for them.
2. Choose content types that can deliver on the consumer need, while being appropriate to the social platform/domain of consumer experience. Never force fit content because it seems like the cool thing to do.
3. Optimize around the consumer needs and interests. Too often, we optimize around social metrics, which are a derivative metric. Focusing on the individual will always lead to better results.

And to top it all off, we spent Friday afternoon of last week at a beer and diet coke outing (we have a raft of interns, pre-drinking age. So yes, diet cokes all around. BTW, we’re super careful about our interns given that we have our very own Leinie’s Lodge in the office!).

In a few weeks, we’ll have our 3rd annual socialdeviant Summer Party. This annual event has become a real signpost for our growth. In our first year, there were 6 of us (if you include my two children). Last year, about 25 all in, and this year, we’ll be about 45 (including +1’s. And yes, my children too…).

In the last 45 days, we’ve added 4 new deviants, and are looking to add still 3 more by August.

Though it keeps the grill cook busy, there’s nothing like celebrating our hard work for our great clients with a summer bbq.

Maybe the best thing about looking back on our almost 2.5 year mark, is the growth and sophistication of our services offerings. As our clients push us – and we continue to push ourselves – it’s a delight to see how our content strategies, analytics and optimization approach, and creative and concept development capabilities continue to evolve and expand. Amazing stuff.

Check back soon for the next update – we’ll be sure to share photos of our Summer Party, keep everyone abreast of our upcoming speaking engagements and any new deviants being added to the team on a monthly basis.


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