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Zen_of_Ten: Father’s Day Edition

More Zen_of_Ten, Father’s Day Edition: 10 more minutes each day, reflecting on what it means to be a Father.

You have to apply for a driver’s license, for a mortgage, for a job in any company. Fill out this form, sign here, take this test, pee in this cup.

Amazingly, there’s no application for being a Father, undeniably the most important job in the world.

And so, as Father’s Day 2014 has come and gone, I am recommitted to being the very best Father I can be. Every day, spending 10 dedicated minutes reflecting on what I can do/say to be a better Dad.

For starters, great Dads are engaged. They’re interested, they ask questions, they’re invested in their kids lives, challenges, friendships, opportunities.

Next, great Dads understand that fatherhood is a full contact sport. Wherever possible, they lean in, put a hand on a shoulder, hold hands, steal a hug, sit too close on the couch. Contact = comfort.

Great Dads make mistakes, but more importantly, own up to them in full view of their kids.

Great Dads act with confidence, have a point of view, and above all, operate with agency and purpose. The greatest gift a Dad can give their children is the power of intent.

Great Dads model quality relationships. They engage, they listen, they respect their friends, family members, and above all, their partners/spouses.

Great Dads support and love unconditionally. They never, ever withhold their love or affection, regardless of the magnitude of their child’s mistake. Never, ever.

And let’s never forget that great Dads have fun. They are serious-minded without being serious. They play, they laugh uncontrollably, they’re silly, and they are happiest laughing at themselves.

And so, on this Father’s Day weekend, I am re-dedicating myself to being the very best Dad I can be…10 minutes each day, for starters.


2 Responses to “Zen_of_Ten: Father’s Day Edition”

  1. Buffy Ensing

    Thank you for sharing this Marc. I wrote something along the same lines to my dad in his Father’s Day card (always made never store bought). People have children and are called parents. It takes a special, loving, patient, caring, teaching, mentoring person to deserve the title Dad. I thanked my father for doing just that :). (This has been greatly shortened from what I wrote.)


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