From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Zen of Ten: Long Weekend Edition

10 more minutes each week, taking the time to learn from my children. Jack Landsberg is 17, Grace Landsberg is 14, and George is 12.

What’s extraordinary, is that there are almost an infinite array of things that can be learned from our children, if we only allow the room for it.

Of course, there’s the obvious. Who amongst us isn’t the wiser for handing your phone over to your kid for just a minute, with a simple request like “hey, how do I dm in Instagram?”

But, if you look for it, there’s the less obvious.

One such lesson is patience. I watched my kids engage my Mom – with limitless, infinite patience. My Mom, being 86, isn’t always so responsive to questions, offers the same stories at the top of every hour, and generally doesn’t track the conversation as well as she once did.

What might annoy you or I, was mere motivation for my kids. They just kept at it, asking question after question, laughing at the same story heard countless times, smiling and engaging at every relentless turn. No judgment, no angst, just love and warmth. And above all, kindness for a woman who has lived a very full life, and now just doesn’t click it in like she used to.

Indeed, 10 more minutes each week, learning from my children:

Patience. Curiosity. Laughing so hard it hurts. A lot.

The easy comfort in making new friends.

Invention – a new game is created almost daily in our home.

Utter facility with all new technology.

The power of a wordless hug.

Complete lack of judgment, of anyone or anything.

And so much more….


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