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Our Very First Client…In Honor of Client’s Day

I launched socialdeviant for many reasons, but one that rises above the rest.

I clearly felt that many marketers were being under-served by the raft of point solution tools, or platform technologies, that were positioned as social media agencies.

What I heard from CMO’s and SVPs of marketing, time and again, was the dire need for strategic and conceptual thinking – to contextualize the role social media can play in achieving marketing and business goals.

What was not needed, was yet another discussion about a Facebook Tab.

And so, socialdeviant was born.

Importantly, not to be a partner to clients – that’s awfully presumptuous.

But to be a supplier of social media marketing solutions that solved a real business need. That brought some order to the sea of chaos in social.

Yes, that’s right. A supplier.

For starters, we love being a supplier. We love transactional relationships. Because we have to earn our stripes, every single day. We provide a set of services to our clients, and in exchange, we hope to be paid (occasionally, even, on time).

Nothing more, nothing less. Though I’m delighted to be friends with our clients, I believe fundamentally that friendship is a consequence, in fact perhaps a reward, for a job well done. Over, and over again.

We obsess about creating value for our clients. Day in and day out, we proactively poke and probe and prod to find ways to better serve them.

We love clients who challenge us. Who disagree with us. We push us to do better, all the time.

And above all, we love clients who do this with the utmost of kindness. And sincerity. And yes, even compassion.

Business doesn’t have to be a blood sport. We can operate with intense urgency, with an almost daily desperation to deliver unparalleled value for our clients, and still be kind.

We are our best selves in full relief of client expectations. Our very best days @socialdeviant, are the days in which the clients say, “try again.” We force ourselves to be great, but clients force us to be better than great. And we love that.

All greatness is born of a forcing function, and there is no better forcing function than a client who is paying the bills.

We cherish our clients. We respect them. We appreciate them, enormously. And we passionately try to serve them, daily.

We are transparent. Great clients love when we share, and share everything.

We admit our mistakes. We are only human, and great clients understand that the pursuit of perfection travels along a road that is sometimes unpaved.

We never confuse efforts with results. Clients really don’t care how many hours we work, as long as we get to the right solution, and get there quickly.

We move fast. Speed of light fast. We fully understand that business today moves so quickly, and we never want to be the ones holding things up. Quite the opposite.

We don’t believe in the grand reveal. We share all of our ideas, WIP. We welcome our clients’ ideas, and if they’re better than ours, we execute them, full stop.

We don’t like selling, and we understand that no-one likes to be sold to. So, we never sell. Instead, we come with a point of view, and we share those points of view daily. After all, that’s what clients want from us above all – a point of view.

And, on this day to celebrate clients  (March 19th was, after all, Client’s Day), I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our very first client in public.

Keystone Mountain Resort issued an RFP in May of 2012, for a social media and marketing AOR.

We were 5 months old. Barely.

We poured our heart and our soul and a bit of the kitchen sink into that pitch.

And it showed. It was Passionate. Personal. Purposeful.

And, we won.

In fact, the Keystone folks said something I’ll never forget. “We had a crush on socialdeviant, from the moment we read your RFP response.”

A crush. Someone had a crush on us, and it was just our first dance.

That, more than anything, has helped catalyze the business we’ve become, and are still hoping to become. Fast growing, but ever insistent on making sure our clients have a full stop crush on us.

And for that, I’m limitlessly thankful, and forever grateful.

When someone chooses you – bets on you for the first time – you never forget it, and you’re eternally eager to repay the kindness.

Thank you, Keystone. We love you more today than we did on that June day, 2012, when you called to say, “you win.”

And thank you, to all of our clients, for choosing us, for putting your faith in us, and for challenging us to deliver the goods, every single day. We promise, we won’t let you down.


2 Responses to “Our Very First Client…In Honor of Client’s Day”

  1. Leo Griffin

    Marc – this is a great post. You’re spot on about many things. I most particularly like the point about the great reveal. Its a very common fallacy amongst advisory businesses that the great reveal is important to impress the client, but in fact it results in poorer ideas that are frequently rejected by clients.
    I can’t wait to become a Social Deviant client!


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