From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

When There Is Only One of Something

When There Is Only One of Something ( Grace Landsberg )

When there is only one of something, in the whole world, it takes on special meaning.

You think about it often. You realize how hard it is to replace. You talk about it, miss it when it’s not around, and over time, realize more and more just how truly valuable it really is.

Well, there’s something in this world that I only have one of.

A daughter.

I have one, and only one, Chloe Grace Landsberg, born 25 February 2000.

When she came into this world, it was the happiest day of my life.

She was the most beautiful, gorgeous little pumpkin pie I’d ever seen.

And as she’d grown up, I love her more and more with each passing day. Though I was certain, when she was born, that I couldn’t possibly love her any more than I did at that moment.

I love her resilience. I love her sense of humor. I love her strength, and her confidence.

I love her passion. I love that she always has a point of view – nothing weak-kneed about Grace.

I love her athleticism. I love her artistic flair. I love her singing (especially when she’s in the shower).

I love her hugs – they go on forever, and she makes you let go first.

I love her friends. I love her kindness. I love…her.

Infinitely. Limitlessly. Unconditionally. Around the world and back again, x infinity to the infinity power, squared.

Because when you have only one of something, you love it like nothing else on this earth.

Happy birthday, Sunshine. You are the light of my life.


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