From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Recap of the Week: socialdeviant’s Very Own President

We are on a march toward being the world’s kindest company. Full stop.

We believe this is not only a highly motivating ambition, but an attainable one too.


For starters, it’s not simply about holding hands, singing kumbaya, going along to get along.

It is, instead, about a set of operating principles that enable us to scale our services, staffing and delivery model which creates value for our clients and value for each and every deviant, at every step of the way.

It’s about an organizational model designed to enable us to move really fast, to create clear ownership and accountability for each and every deviant, and to facilitate meaningful collaboration from conception to creation of every idea.

And that design model has many components, foremost among them, a leadership role within socialdeviant that enables us to link strategy with execution, to drive personal growth and accountability, to accelerate innovation via practice leadership, and to ensure every single resource of socialdeviant is leveraged to its absolute full potential.

Enter Linda Johnson.

Effective immediately, Linda will assume the role of President.

Well earned, well deserved, and good all the way around.

The biggest winners?

Our team, who will benefit enormously from Linda’s skills, passion, expertise, and commitment to ensuring that we fulfill our ambition to become the world’s kindest company, day in and day out.

And our clients, for whom our obsession to create value will be accelerated and guaranteed, day in and day out.

Onward, all.


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