From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Looking Back, To Look Forward.

Before 2013 is too far in the rear view mirror, I had every intention of summarizing everything that happened to socialdeviant during the year.

And then, we posted this.

Office Expansion

And I realized, that picture really tells the story.

Growth is great, and yes, we need more space. Crazy to think that we’ve already outgrown our space, as we’ll just turn two years old on 1 February.

But how’d we get here?

We obsessed about creating value for our clients. We obsessed about trying to be the kindest company that ever was. We worked fast. We worked transparently.

We showed up. NY. LA. SF. Ft. Myers. Dallas. London. Dayton. Evanston. Seattle.

We showed up. Pizza Fridays. First Friday breakfasts. Birthdays and White Elephants, Milwaukee Off-Sites and a Rod Tuffcurls holiday party blowout.

We showed up. With a lending hand, a listening ear, and a supporting shoulder.

We showed up. With tons of IP, from a granular content taxonomy to human truths to an integrated marketing calendar to reporting frameworks to best practices in multi-agency collaboration, and more.

We showed up. Speaking at an array of digital, social media, and innovations conferences.

But above all, we just showed up, time and again. Largely with a point of view, often with a smile, and always with limitless kindness and infinite composure.

To all of our clients, partners, friends and family, thank you for an amazing year.

And to everyone, please do stop by and check out our new space. We finally have the room for a proper #Nerf battle royale.


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