From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Twas the Night Before the Deviant Christmas…

Twas the Night Before the Deviant Christmas…

When all through the house, many a deviant was stirring, especially their apple mouse.

With deliverables all strung, by the send key with care,

In the hopes that a client “yes” soon would be there.

The deviants were nestled, all cozy at our desks,

While visions of our holiday party danced in our heads.

And Marc in Florida, and Caitlin there too,

Ticking off yet another, client to do.

When later that week, there arose such a clatter,

Our year end review, with so much focused brain matter.

Then away to the party, we flew in a flash,

With Maker’s and Leinie’s served from our stash.

The smiles on our faces shone with a moon-lit glow,

That yet another amazing year, was surely to flow.

And then, what to our wandering eyes did appear,

Music, dancing, heartfelt thank you’s, and plenty of good cheer.

And so, as we sally onward and soon out of sight,

We wish you the Happiest of Deviant Holidays, and to all, a good night!


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