From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

A Very Special Week at socialdeviant

Last week was an amazing week.

It had the perfect mix of activities for me – a melding of client meetings, prospective client conversations, partner discussions, a holiday cocktail or two, a west coast swing, and as happens every year at this time of year, my birthday celebration.

The week kicked off with our newest client, Ascente Services in our offices for two days. Planning for 2014 and making sure we’re prepped for a few important meetings this week.

Monday afternoon – 4 hours of social media instruction in The Kellogg School’s Executive Education program, presenting to professionals from Brazil. Love simultaneous translation, great questions, amazing discussion.

Tuesday we had two partner meetings, followed by a visit and dinner with one of my best friends from b-school (Kellogg, btw). Great as ever to catch up with my closest friends from various walks of life.

Wednesday – off to LA for a series of meetings with our wonderful Farmers Insurance client. The capper was a phenomenal meal at Nobu in Malibu – one of the great dividends of having a Los Angeles-based client (and one who lives up the PCH).

Thursday – more great meetings @ Farmers as we wrap up 2013 and discuss key priorities for Q1 of 2014. And on our way to LAX, a terrific meeting with the Will.i.Angel foundation (’s foundation) to discuss various partner opportunities for several of our key clients.

Their passion for technology + education + innovation is invigorating. Every time we meet with Will’s team, we’re overwhelmed with excitement and inspired by limitless possibilities to make an impact.

Friday – yes, 6 December brought my birthday, and I received one of the best birthday presents ever. A compendium of socialdeviant’s goings on from inception till now – in pictures and words, a beautiful artifact that I will cherish forever.

We also welcomed our newest deviant – very exciting as we continue to grow our team of deviants. And then, we had a 2 hour brand immersion session with our newest client – super excited to get started as we aggressively plan our social and content strategies for January.

Finally, my amazing family showed up at 6 pm to treat me to my all time favorite birthday event, ever. Friday night at the UC – a Chicago Blackhawks game. Though the Hawks may have lost, it wasn’t lost on me that this was a very, very special week @socialdeviant, indeed.


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