From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Welcome Back

Hello All,

Yes, perhaps today is cyber Monday, but for us in the digital/social space, every day is a cyber day, so today is no different.

Last week may have been a short work week, but it was long on excitement.

We were fortunate to have a raft of clients visiting our offices, and then a trip to the east coast to meet with a prospective client. We always love those visits – a chance to introduce ourselves, but more importantly, a chance to learn about a new category, hear about a new set of business challenges, and apply our left/right brained approach to problem-solving to see what we can come up with.

And amidst the week of giving thanks (or, El Dia de Gracias, which I learned was Spanish for Thanksgiving…how did I not know that?), I couldn’t resist sending this note to our clients, as I sat late night in the Newark airport trying to get back to Chicago for the Thanksgiving holiday:

“Dear Jordan, Michelle, Pato, Amy, Kari, Emily, Emily, Jackie, Brian, Molly, Travis, Paul, Seth, and Seth,

You are the reason socialdeviant exists. You are the context for my holiday blog post, here:

Thank you, for giving me context, and socialdeviant purpose.

On your behalf, we’ve donated to the Chicago Food Depository, to benefit those without a place to be or a turkey to enjoy this Thanksgiving.

We hope you enjoy the break with family, friends, loved ones.

And thank you again.

Indeed, there’s a lot to be thankful for – family, friends, our health, and more.

But for me, the biggest thing I’m thankful for, is context. The context our clients, our partners, and our amazing team provide every single day. The context to challenge ourselves, to be better today than we were yesterday, to be focused on creating solutions, and to being relentlessly kind and limitlessly composed in all we do.

I hope you had an amazing long weekend with family and friends. Welcome back.



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