From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg


I Missed My Flight today. And I LOVE that.

On the east coast, in a big meeting with a huge potential client, and the meeting ran over. And it was excellent.

And, as a result, I totally missed my flight. Heading to the airport in the cold dark rain, wondering if I’d even get back to Chicago tonight, and not caring at all.

Instead, feeling rather fortunate to have had someplace to be.

Very easy in life to complain. Especially about being too busy, about meetings that run over, about missing flights, about traffic to the airport. And more.

But for me, here’s the thing.

I feel lucky to be in a meeting that runs over.

I feel fortunate to be booked on a flight that I might miss.

I feel blessed simply to be engaged. To have things happening in my life that create some momentum, some pace, some progress.

I feel so very lucky to be operating with purpose, with focus, with urgency. And if the price I pay for that is an occasional missed flight, well, it’s a small price to pay to be sure.

I could just as easily be unemployed, or worse, be in a job I hated, with no key meetings, no pressing deadlines, no missed flights. Ugh.

I missed my flight today. And, I LOVE that.


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