From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Saturday Morning

So, one quick thought for a Saturday morning. We have so much going on – it’s epic. CIient deliverables. Pitches. Prospective client meetings. Onboarding new clients. Conference presentations. New folks coming on board. And more. Epic, indeed.

I was looking at an issue of AdWeek, and read with great interest the article about work for Stride Chewing Gum:

ln the article, a quote caught my eye: “A common theme was how gum gives you just a little boost of confidence, a little nudge to be more comfortable, more ‘yourself’ in any situation. It’s a little bit epic in that way. It helps you be a little more epic sometimes, and I suppose the gum is itself a little piece of epic-ness.”

Advertising is an exercise in words.

Gum doesn’t help me be more epic. But it does give me something to share, something to chew on, and something to freshen my breath.

socialdeviant is about driving business results for our clients by delivering smart, connected marketing solutions driven by content that engages audiences (right place, right time) and causes them to take action.

Our goal, always, is to peel away the words, and get right to it. To tell brand stories that matter to the audiences consuming them. And to never confuse fancy words with smart marketing.

Let’s always keep our head in the clouds but two feet firmly planted on the ground.





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