From the Desk (and Mind) of Marc Landsberg

Batkid Saves the Day

Has there ever been a more heart-warming story than this:

What’s so amazing about it, is, well everything.

The way the city of San Francisco bent over backwards for the young boy, from the mayor’s office to the police to tens of thousands of San Franciscans, lining the streets in support of Batkid’s effort to rescue Gotham (successfully, I might add).

The way the media treated this story – with warmth, with kind regard, with the appropriate tenderness that it deserves.

The way companies came out in support of the Gotham rescue.

But what’s maybe most amazing – is the resonance this story seemed to generate. Hashtags sprouted up everywhere and shares were flowing like wildfire.


It’s pretty clear that we need to see people doing something good. We need to see people putting their interests aside for others. And we need to see them do this on a grand scale, not simply plopping a quarter into the salvation army till on the corner during the holidays.

There is a lot of good happening, all over the world. Batkid is just one, albeit shining, example.

Fundamental Human Truth – it’s a lot easier, and often cooler, to be negative. Social media, for better or worse, simply acts as a lubricant for those who would rather criticize than contribute.

But Batkid, and stories like it, show that the world needs to see good happening. That we adore good – and that we love to celebrate it.

So let’s see if we can’t make good blow up in social spheres more often.

After all, a world that is limitlessly kind, and demonstrates that kindness every day, is a pretty cool place too.

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